Why doesn't my insurance cover all of my treatment?

  • St. Marys Dentistry

Economic downturns cause companies to reduce frequencies or drop dental benefits.
More and more adult patients are paying more for their dental care out of their own pockets, either because they are retiring or because of higher co-pays, deductibles or exclusions in their employer's dental plan. This adjustment in the reimbursement of dental care favours preventive dentistry. You can actually save money by following a preventive program that will detect problems in the early stages.

Although you have insurance, some procedures may not be covered. Your level of insurance coverage is determined by the policy your employer selects. It is based on a group benefits plan and does not take into consideration your individual needs.

Insurance plans are a great benefit to the patient. The plans are designed to defray the cost of treatment. The entire amount is not always covered. The patient usually bears some financial responsibility for the treatment and needs to make an informed decision. We are here to help you make a decision that best suits your needs.

We promise to base your treatment on your dental health needs, not on your insurance policy. We will be pleased to help you in every way possible to gain the most from your benefit.